Top tips for negotiating multiple job offers

Written by Tim Donaghy | Blog | Candidates | Posted 16/01/2017 17:00:35

If youíre looking for a new job, thereís little better than receiving not just one, but multiple job offers. This is an outcome that affords you choice and the opportunity to negotiate your options. Navigating these choices in a way that best serves your own personal interests and also reflects desirably to potential employers can be the trickier part of this result. Here are my three top tips for a seamless route to employment.

Honesty is the best policy

Being up front with future employers about receiving multiple job offers could seem unlikely advice. In fact, being honest about having options simply confirms that various businesses view you as a desirable candidate. Job offers from respectable companies are like a good review which can be used to your advantage when done properly. Just be careful not to pit businesses against one another.

Withholding information can also put you at risk of annoying potential employers if you attempt to negotiate at a later stage. It may feel awkward, but you must be honest with everyone involved from the start about being in multiple interviews. Keeping quiet about it may feel like youíre keeping your powder dry, but launching into last-minute negotiations for a better deal is rarely greeted with enthusiasm by potential employers.

Lay your cards down from the start

If youíve received several offers with little variety in job role, a big incentive will be the salary. Salary expectations are generally discussed at the first interview stage - and you should feel confident about bringing it up if it isnít. Upping salary demands later in a process can be seen as at best unprofessional, and at worst dishonest.

Whilst many employers will negotiate salary some will have stated their final offer from the beginning, if you discover the salary isnít negotiable then ask about wider benefits like holidays, pension contributions, flexible working and so on. Remember that money isnít the be all and end all.

Remain modest

Finding yourself in demand is a big compliment but donít forget that an offer isnít final. It is possible to ask for too much and a high-maintenance candidate can easily be replaced. Negotiate on the things you care most about, weigh up which is your favoured option and be honest with yourself but donít go over board on negotiation. Pushing too hard can sometimes leave you with no offers at all.