What are the advantages of working for a start up?

Written by Sanderson Recruitment | Blog | Candidates | Clients | Posted 01/11/2017 16:56:32

Instinctively, you might start your job search by looking into the best known organisations in the industry. Large companies often come with plenty of perks, but for those who want to try something a bit different start ups can offer a whole host of advantages. These are a few of the things you could expect:


There’s nothing like the hustle and bustle of a company just getting off its feet. Make no mistake, there will be plenty of hard work involved but this also goes hand in hand with reward and an office atmosphere full of buzz. Start ups benefit from not having a long established corporate culture, often this offers a more laid back and casual working environment.


Many larger companies tend to have already established what works for them and what doesn’t when you join. They usually have the financial benefit of being able to try new things without there being dramatic repercussions. Start ups are often more experimental however, so every decision matters. If you thrive on making an impact and having the responsibility for taking a few chances, then a start up could be for you.


Start ups tend to rely on a small team of well rounded people who can wear many hats. This relies on your ability to be resourceful and adaptable, but also gives you the opportunity to learn huge amounts about a number of different roles. This will look great on your CV, help you work out what you enjoy the most and give you an excellent foundation for developing into more specialised future roles.


Whilst in a larger company you are more likely to fall immediately into the hierarchy of the department, in a start up you will likely find yourself on a far more even playing field. This can give you both autonomy and an opportunity to make as much of the role as you can. Being able to lead your own projects, develop ideas and bring suggestions directly to the owners can make for a fulfilling and purposeful experience.

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