The Future of RPO

Written by Sanderson Recruitment | Blog | Posted 19/03/2012

RPO round table event

At the end of last year we wanted to really capture how some of the country’s senior HR and Procurement Executives were feeling about how RPO was being sold to them. We held a special round table dinner in London that resulted in an incredibly lively debate and provided insight into how the industry is responding.

We have put together a summary of the discussion's conclusions. Read it here.

Where does Recruitment Process Outsourcing go from here?

I remain completely mystified that as an industry we have allowed the services covered by an RPO solution to have fallen into what I consider to be a comparative state of disrepair. Nowhere is this more relevant than when we consider that 50% attrition rates, particularly in the high volume markets such as call centres, are now being considered acceptable.

Too often the solutions provided are no more than a 'process outsource', and the value add of such things as attraction and retention, recruitment brand development and selection strategies are overlooked. I fear we are dumbing down the service and that no real value is being added.

As the UK is now heading into worrying times, we have a responsibility to both our clients and our candidates to support their business aims and objectives in a more strategic and comprehensive way.

To this end, we have to continue to put RPO on the table and garner opinion about what is and is not working. Simon Blockley has been tasked with posting a monthly blog on the issue, the first of which can be read here.

I am looking forward to seeing how we can improve things as, though it might require some tough decisions, the reputation of RPO (and indeed our wider industry) is at stake.

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