Talent Management - The Debate

Written by Mike Beesley | Human Resources | Posted 16/04/2013

During the late 1990s, management consulting firm, McKinsey, coined the phrase the ‘war for talent’ as part of its research identifying talent management as a critical business challenge.

Today, the business case for taking a strategic approach to talent management is strong and persuasive. CEOs as well as HR Directors are now likely to number talent management among their key priorities.

It is important to recognise that it is not sufficient simply to attract individuals with high potential. Developing, managing and retaining those individuals as part of a planned strategy for talent is equally important, as well as adopting systems to measure the return on this investment.

Furthermore, organisations need to hire talented people, quickly, to achieve their strategic goals.
To discuss this subject further, we have invited a select group of the UK’s top HR Directors to join our guest speaker David Mason, Global COO Resourcing at RBS, to attend our next RSG Debate event on the 25th April. Following its successful launch last year, each RSG Debate evening offers the opportunity for thought leaders of a particular division to join together and discuss the most topical issues of the moment.

The debate will be followed by dinner at the recently refurbished Bentley’s Oyster Bar and Grill, situated in Swallow Street, London. Owned by Richard Corrigan, a Michelin star chef who counts the Queen amongst his previous diners, Bentley’s ‘Crustacea Room’ will provide a relaxing and luxurious environment for our guests to enjoy the rest of their evening.

During the debate, you will be able to keep up with the discussion and share your own opinions using the hashtag #RSGdebate on Twitter, as well as being able to read the views and opinions of our guests in full here in our blog.

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If you are in a senior HR role and are interested in attending the RSG Debate, please email your details to Liz Gibbs at liz.gibbs@rsg-plc.com

Mike Beesley, CEO, RSG

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