Sanderson Ireland host an 'Economic Outlook briefing'

Written by Sanderson Recruitment | News | Event | Posted 22/01/2016 16:05:55

Sanderson Ireland hosted their first event of 2016, an Economic Outlook briefing with David Duffy, Senior Research Officer from the Economic Social Research Institute (ESRI).

David discussed ESRIís 2016 projections highlighting economic challenges and issues over the next 12 months as well as an overview of the international economy, forecasts and GDP.
With the use of interactive and engaging presentations, he offered insightful views into the job creation, labour market and future economic environment of Ireland, finishing the talk with an informative Q & A session.

The event attracted a great amount of interest with over 40 clients attending, including representatives from Evo Payments, UDG Healthcare, GM, Tesco Mobile, Arup, Sky and KBC Bank.

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