Media Clouds Our View of the World!

Written by Mike Beesley | Blog | Posted 17/07/2013

A while ago I wrote a blog article about the disproportionate amount of negative publicity in the UK press giving us a skewed and depressing view of the world and the effect that this was having on peopleís outlook. The true picture based on the economic data, I argued, was somewhat rosier and I questioned why the media needed to be so glum.

Since that article was published, however, I have seen a positive change! Iíve noticed the media indulging in The Lionsí win in Australia, celebrating Andy Murrayís success at Wimbledon, and revelling in Englandís enthralling win in the first Ashes test match. Not only that, but weíre being told that the housing market is picking up and, importantly for RSG as a recruitment business, there continues to be encouraging news on the jobs market. So while I feel most patriotic about our sporting success, I remain most optimistic and somewhat vindicated about the future!

I believe that this shows the extent to which the media clouds our view of the world! Why canít they just state things as they are? Which, at the moment, is hot and sunny; no clouds anywhere Ė media or otherwise. Now thatís something to keep us all cheerful!

Mike Beesley, CEO, RSG

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