Tips For a Successful Interview - How to Make a Great Impression

Written by Amanda Souza | News | Blog | Posted 04/08/2022 13:26:15

Going for a job interview is always slightly nerve-wracking, no matter how confident you may be in everyday life. So, how do you stop the nerves from getting the better of you, and make a great first impression with the skills and personality to make interviewers see that you are the best applicant for the job? Below are a few of our favourite tips to help you stay calm, cool and collected.

Research: It may sound obvious, but people often get so caught up in their process and how to showcase their talents that they can forget to research. Research the company and the role that you’re applying for - look at the company structure, its values and aims internally and externally and as much information as you can find about the day-to-day operations. Go through the job description and match your experiences and skills to what they are asking for - pull out key terms, phrases and responsibilities and prepare how you can fulfil each point. Not only does research make it easier to relax once you’re in the interview, as you’ve prepared some things to talk about, but it also shows your potential employers that you care about the company, and have put thought into what you can offer them as much as what they can offer you.

Speak Positively About the Past: While you may hate your current or previous job, by focusing on the lessons learned and the experiences that you have had in your roles, whether positive or negative, you will be able to demonstrate growth and problem-solving to your interviewers, while also showing that you are looking towards the future. Equally, it is important that you come across positively in your interview, and treating every situation with respect regardless of outcome or how it has made you feel will put you in good standing.

Use Your CV: You may have handed in your CV with your job application, but do you know what’s on it, and are you comfortable drawing on each previous position listed to help you answer interview questions? By using something as simple as the STAR method (Situation Task Action Response) to answer questions and show your skills, you can reference different jobs you’ve had in the past that provide examples of those skills, while also cherry-picking your career highlights that are relevant to the role description that you are applying for.

Be Truthful: It can be tempting to embellish the facts if you have a slim work history or an unexpected gap between periods of employment, but it is important that you do not lie in your interview. Your background may lend you skills and experiences found outside of career choices that you can bring to a role and make you stronger in that position as a result. Interviewers appreciate honesty and will respect you more for it. See any CV gaps as a way of showcasing your unique growth outside of work rather than weaknesses, and you will be more likely to leave an impression and make a strong case for why you should be hired.

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