Answering the question ‘why do you want this job?’

Written by Sanderson Recruitment | Blog | Candidates | Posted 09/11/2017 11:06:24

This question will come up almost every time in interview regardless of the job or industry you are interviewing for and can feel more difficult to answer than it should. You might be concerned that your motivations for wanting the job don’t match with the desired motivations the interviewer has in mind, for instance. So what is a good answer to the question and what is the interviewer hoping to hear? Try these steps.

The relevance of the opportunity

First things first, go through the job spec with a very fine tooth comb. You should always go into an interview with a good understanding of what the business is looking for, but it is also particularly important for answering this question. Dissecting the job spec will help you to match your specific experience and interests to the requirements of the business; remember the interviewer cares predominantly about what you can bring to the business rather than what they can do for you, so having solid reasons for why yourself and the job are a perfect fit is your best reason for wanting the job.

Cultural awareness

If you have an understanding of the CSR policy, (the possible social aspects of the business and its ethos) this demonstrates that you have done your research and gives you a way of expressing your own cultural fit. A passion for an aspect of the businesses involvement in the community for instance is not a solid reason alone for applying for the role, but is an excellent contributing factor to support your interest in working for that particular company.

The future of the business

Where possible, conduct thorough and extensive research into what the future looks like for the business. For instance, they may have publicly released their plans to expand into new locations or be committed to the development of new products. If you understand the ways in which the business wishes to grow, you can connect the future of the company to your desired career trajectory and satisfy the interviewer’s interest in your long term goals. It may be that you have a significant interest in the businesses current products and working on the development of new products is a hugely exciting prospect for you. Highlighting this demonstrates your knowledge of the business and suggests that you are confident you can have a long career with them.

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